Physicians are demanding to speak directly to In-House Physician Recruiters and we have listened! According to NEJM, physician rated In-House Physician Recruiters as the most useful and reliable source of practice information. In-House Physician Recruiters understand the needs of their practice and the best candidate for the position.

Surveys have shown that recruitments done by In-House Physician Recruiters lead to better physician retention and low turnover rate. Why? because you are invested in the success of your organization. Eliminate any misunderstanding or miscommunication during your recruitment process.

Discover the #1 job board for In-House Recruiters! We understand the challenges and rewards of the profession and we are here to help. We ONLY allow In-House Physician Recruiters to post jobs on our website. Enjoy unlimited job positing and we can post position on your behalf. Just send the job description to info@IHRecruiters.com

According to ASPR, In-House Physician Recruiters are individual hired to recruit for a single health organization, hospital, clinic, medical group, academic medical centers or government agencies who employ physicians.

We strictly abide to the above definition and our approval process take 48hours to ensure the integrity of our job board.

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